High-class escort agencys VS. regular escort agency

a Lady of our High-Class Escort Agency

What is the difference between a high-class escort agency and a regular escort agency?

Well, first and foremost it is obvious that a high-class escort agency charges higher prices when compared to a regular escort agency. Here, we will explain why Highclass Outcall Escort Agency in Vienna is more expensive than some other escort agencies.

Once upon a time there was a lady in the Vienna subway…

Not. There are many reasons why our high-class escort agency in Vienna and around the world is in a higher price range. One of the most obvious reasons is the way the escort lady is going to arrive to you. A premium escort lady in Vienna requires a car or a driver who drives her to the location of the appointment.

Now imagine picking up one of our ladies from the often smelly and overcrowded subway. You will never see a first-class escort lady arriving by bus or train, because as a luxury-spoiled lady, she naturally chooses the most pleasant way of transportation. And we are sure that you do not want your lady to arrive stressed and unhappy.

All our Viennese escorts are driven to their dates by one of our chauffeurs. We attach great importance to the fact that every lady arrives to you on one hand intact and on the other happy and stress-free.

Looks do matter: High-class Escort vs. regular escorts in comparison

As a Viennese high-class escort agency, we pay attention to the appearance of our ladies. We expect from each of our escort ladies appropriate and stylish clothing, which corresponds to the occasion of your date. We expect them to wear a dress or skirt with high heels. Our first-class escort ladies adhere to our rule to dress appropriately and feminine. Except if you wish your lady of choice to arrive in jeans and a T-shirt, because your wish is our command.

Clothes make people, but by no means a first-class escort lady. Therefore, our Escort High End Ladies know how to present themselves. From silky shiny hair to neatly done nails on their hands and feet, everything is polished from top to bottom. A first-class escort lady will seduce you with her scent alone.

Simone, our Premium Escort Lady on a bed
Simone, our Escort Lady

With regular escorts you cannot ensure the same. Did your dinner date arrive in jeans and a T-shirt to the exclusive restaurant? Or did she try to overdo it and arrives wearing a too short, too tight, too décolleté dress with possibly classic stripper shoes, you know, with the high platform soles. If you want to be proud to present yourself with an escort lady, you are in the best hands with a high-class escort agency.

What does a premium escort agency pay attention to?

The differences between a high-class escort lady in Vienna and a regular Viennese escort are so far as understandable for you as a client or potential customer as it is for us. Now let’s dive deeper into the reasons.

What makes a first-class escort lady different from a normal escort lady?

Let’s start with the normal escort lady. Their main motivation is to make money. They will serve as many customers as possible and will be booked on an hourly basis. Usually, the visit of a regular escort lady is one or two hours. If you only want to satisfy your sexual needs, then this form of sexual service may suffice.

What does a high-class escort lady in Vienna offer to you?

That’s one of the crucial differences of a first class escorts agency vs. regular escort agency. A premium agency such as Highclass Outcall Wien selects each lady personally according to some criteria. This is very important to us and this is exactly how we select our luxury escorts.

The greatest motivation of a high-class escort lady in Vienna, a courtesan in Vienna and all over the world is the desire for adventure coupled with luxury. The monetary perks are just on the second spot in their list of priorities. A first-class escort in Vienna and worldwide enjoys exciting adventures and new experiences. She wants to explore herself and expand her knowledge.

Girlfriend Experience with a high-class escort agency

Bookings with our high-class escort service in Vienna are only possible for a minimum booking time of 3 hours. The high-class escort lady would like to get to know you a little, preferably at a dinner date. She tries to create a bond with you that allows the both of you to experience real romance and intimacy. With a high-class outcall escort lady you experience a so-called girlfriend experience, which goes beyond the sexual needs.

There are many more reasons and differences that we can list. But this is enough for a first quick look. Spend your perfect first date – and book a highclass outcall escort lady in Vienna!